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Sigma Elevating is a TSSA certified and accredited training provider. Our expertise allows us to provide you and your team with hands on training in addition to in class training. 

We offer the following courses:

Building Owner Training

Geared towards property owners/mangers, superintendents, and operation personnel. This training provides an understanding of your elevating devices.

We train for situations such as:


  • When to call for service

  • Daily checks

  • What to look for on a visual inspection

  • Basic audits of your maintenance contractor

  • Understanding operational situations

  • Dealing with emergency situations

  • Mitigation of service calls.


In addition, this is an opportunity to receive an unbiased expert opinion on any concerns or questions you have with your devices. 

Duration - 2 - 8 hours  

Training dates - Please call or email for details

Price - Please call or email for details

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